Specialising in Dog-Child Interactions

Dog training and consulting services available in Adelaide, SA, provided by Tegan Whalan. Tegan works with families and individuals to help them acquire and train suitable pets.

Family Sitting in Front of Their Home With Dog


“Tegan came to our home and helped us with practical suggestions/ techniques to teach our boisterous large breed dog. Most importantly, she helped us to translate and understand his behaviour. Tegan is a caring and friendly trainer who we would recommend to anyone” – Lulu and Matt

“I would like to thank Tegan VERY MUCH for finding me a wonderful little rescue dog “Saffron” & all of her fabulous help & assistance. Tegan takes immense care to ensure precious companions are placed into welcoming new families.” – Karine

“After training a few dogs through to trialling I thought I would have the skills to deal with any dog. I quickly learnt that there is no similarity when you take on an adult malamute dog. Tegan provided great insight and techniques that is helping to calm my boy in the outside world every day.” – Ruth

“I contacted Tegan looking for a new pup. Speaking with Tegan, I decided to adopt my pup Jet. Tegan is a wealth of information and made it clear that I could contact her if I was concerned about Jet and his transition into my family. I knew when adding a new family member that my current dog (Midnight), Jet and myself would all need time to adjust. When introducing Midnight and Jet and watching them interact and get to know each other, I knew Tegan’s insight into Jet’s personality and character was invaluable and that Jet was the right pup to join my family. Jet has now been a part of my family for two years and I am truly grateful to Tegan. Tegan has truly made adopting a rescue dog such a great experience. If you are considering adding a new dog to your family, I would highly recommend you speak to Tegan to ensure you get the right match.” – Kerry