Dog Consultancy is the business of Tegan Whalan.


Tegan is qualified as an educator of both dogs and people, with qualifications including:

  • Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour from the NDTF (in progress)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) from Flinders University
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Trainset

This means that not only does Tegan understand dog training and behaviour, she knows how to convey this information to people and children in an effective way.

Tegan Whalan, pictured with Myrtle, Clover, and Winnie - three of her border terriers.

Tegan Whalan, pictured with Myrtle, Clover, and Winnie – three of her border terriers.

In her past role as coordinator of the Delta Dog Safe Program she developed a passion for ensuring safe dog-child interactions.  A multifaceted approach is needed to make sure kids stay safe around dogs.  These approaches need to consider the training and experiences of the dog, education of children, and ongoing management by dog owners and parents.  Dog Consultancy comes from this need to execute multifaceted approaches to ensuring child safety around dogs.


Furthermore, Tegan has been actively involved in dog rescue since 2006 (including employment with RSPCA SA), having fostered about 50 animals, mostly dogs, through her home since 2008.

Through her work with dog rescue, Tegan understands how important it is for families to make suitable decisions when selecting a dog for their household.  In this way, Dog Consultancy seeks to fulfil the need of individuals and families to consult about the important decision of adding a dog to their family.


Not only is Tegan involved in rescue, but she is a registered and ethical breeder of Border Terriers.  Her own dogs partake in a variety of sports, including conformation, tracking, earthdog, dancing, and others.  Tegan understands how to train dogs as pets and also for specialised tasks.  She is a ANKC judge of earthdog, and has been the training officer for the Tracking Dog Club of SA Inc since 2011.


Tegan is passionate about broadening her own understanding about dog behaviour and dog training, and so partakes in a number of seminars, workshops, and conferences on an annual basis.  As she does so, Tegan’s philosophies on dog training are fluid.  However, chiefly, Tegan uses reward based methods in dog training.

You can read more on Tegan’s philosophies in dog training and dog matters in general through her blog, Some Thoughts About Dogs.

A list of Tegan’s attended functions are below:

  • Animal Behaviour, coursera (Proff. Raoul Mulder and Proff. Mark Elgar) – 2013
  • Endometritis, Cystic Endometrial Hyperpalsia and Pyometra in the Bitch, ASAP Laboratories (George Sofronidis) – 2013
  • Hip Scoring Seminar, Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic (Dr Chris Girling) – 2013
  • DNA Testing for Dummies, ASAP Laboratories, (George Sofronidis) – 2013
  • Canine Theriogenology for Dog Enthusists, coursera (Dr Margaret Root) – 2013
  • Canine First Aid, DogCity DayCare (Dr Mark Reeve) – 2012
  • Whelping Problems in Dogs, ASAP Laboratories (Dr Noam Pik) – 2012
  • From a Dog Judge’s Point of View, ASAP Laboratories (Myrna Shiboleth) – 2012
  • Science Based Dog Training with Feeling (Dr Ian Dunbar) – 2012
  • A Modern Dog’s Life and Carrots & Sticks, Petagog (Dr Paul McGreevy) – 2012
  • From Birth to New Home, Noah’s Crossing Veyerinary Clinic (Dr Chris Girling) – 2010
  • Earthdog (Jo Ann Frier-Murza) – 2010
  • Teaching People to Teach Their Dogs, Petagog (Terry Ryan) – 2010<
  • Training in Drive, K9 Force Workshop (Steve Courtney) – 2010
  • Vaccinations, Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic (Dr Chris Girling) – 2010
  • Heartworm, Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic (Dr Chris Girling) – 2009
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing, Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic (Dr Chris Girling) – 2009
  • Progesterone Testing, Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic (Dr Chris Girling) – 2009
  • Training Tools, Underdog Dog Training (Tamara Jackman) – 2009
  • Rescue Dogs – Behavioural Problems and Temperament Testing, Underdog Dog Training (Tamara Jackman) – 2009
  • Doggy Diazepam and Pussy Prozac, Petagog (Dr Debbie Calnon) – 2009
  • Aggression – Great advice for grumpy dogs, Petagog (Dr Debbie Calnon) – 2009
  • Barking Mad, Petagog (Dr Debbie Calnon) – 2009
  • Dog obedience workshop (Sue Hogden) – 2009
  • Dog Behaviour & Management Training, RSPCA SA (Christine Baverstock & Jackie Horton) – 2008
  • Earthdog (Ken Iggledon & Brigitte Walkey) – 2008
  • Vaccination ProtocolsHypothyroidism, Golden Retriever National (Dr Jean Dodds) – 2008

Tegan Whalan with three blue and tan border terrier bitches.