Services & Prices

Dog Consultancy offers a range of services. We are a flexible and small company, so if there is a service that we haven’t listed but you think we may be able to provide, please contact us.

We are happy to work with rescue groups and welcome correspondence for ways in which we can help.


Private Dog Training Consults

Private consults available for help with training new skills or for help with behaviour problems.  New skills may include basic obedience training, or training dogs for specialised tasks (like earthdog or tracking).  Behaviour problems may include jumping up, barking, food theft, pulling on lead, and others.

Private consults are $80 for a 1 hour consult within the Adelaide metropolitan area.


Private Dog-Suitability Consults

We offer private consults to assist families and individuals in choosing the most appropriate dog for their household and setting up successful strategies for bringing a new puppy or dog into their home. This service extends to advice on sourcing a puppy or dog, including a dog-locating service (i.e. identifying breeders or rescues which may have the desired type of dog), if required.

These dog suitability consults are available for $50 for a 1 hour consult within the Adelaide metropolitan area.


Information Sessions

We are passionate about education, and can provide generalised information sessions for schools, kindergartens, child cares, mothers’ groups and other facilities and gatherings. We specialise in information on dog safety.

Most sessions on dog safety can be provided at no cost.  Travel costs may apply.

Most sessions that are general in nature can also be provided at no cost.  Travel costs may apply.


Puppy Classes

Puppy classes will be held indoors at Happy Valley from early 2014. More details to come.

Puppy classes will run at $15 per session on a ‘drop in’ basis.